Like the carpenter and the mason, we are craftsmen. Our craft is solving business problems through modern software.

The world of software today is crowded with a lot of noise. Somewhere along the way, solving customer problems was lost as our one true directive and replaced with platform evangelism, buzz words, and pet technologies. The Software Developers at The Monastery in San Diego are here to quiet that noise and refocus the efforts of technical artisans and craftsmen on solving your business problem. The Monastery in San Diego is about building software and creating solutions that lighten your load and calm your business.

  • image_bulb Design
    Nobody knows your problem as well as you do. Similarly, nobody knows technology like we do. Working together we design the perfect software solution to your problem.
  • image_setup Create
    Sofware development is an art as much as a science. Our team has an artist's passion for their craft, and the technical knowledge and skill to create anything.
  • image_develop Implement
    You need your problem solved on time. Software that is never delivered, may as well not exist. Software delivered late is equally useless. We will deliver on time, every time.
  • image_deliver Train
    Its not enough to just write beautiful code, implement creative solutions and throw them over the wall. We take the time to train your team in use, maintenance and extension of your new solution.
"One hundred years from now, our engineering may seem as archaic as the techniques used by medieval cathedral builders seem to today's civil engineers, while our craftsmanship will still be honored"
- The Pragmatic Programmer
Building software, creating solutions, solving problems...on time, every time

We created The Monastery in San Diego as a place where the sins of missed deadlines, battered budgets and frustrated managers could be cleansed through meditation on, and the practice of, true software craftsmanship. We don't just write software. We wield the power of modern technology to solve your business problems. Our software development practices are constantly being refined, melted and forged to ensure that your software needs are met with the highest quality possible.

Moving heaven and earth to hit every deadline...on target, all the time.

The Monastery in San Diego loves to hear about new and exciting projects, seriously, it's our passion. We'd love to sit down with you over coffee or lunch and hear about the exciting things your business is doing. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or contact us via the form below. The path to creative software solutions and technical peace begins here, we can't wait to hear from you!

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If you'd like to get ahold of us more quickly, please feel free to give Ike a call! His contact information is below.

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